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April 26, 2011


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I’ve been blessed with a talent to find bugs. And sometimes I wonder…why me? Why can’t things that I touch just work?

Got a netbook on Sunday. Came with Windows 7, so the first thing to do was install some good operating system. I thought about Lubuntu. I ducked it quickly and found a guide for Ubuntu, Lubuntu is very similar, so it should just work, right?
I downloaded Lubuntu alternate CD (’cause I wanted full disk encryption) and following the guide, created a startup thumb drive with Universal USB Installer, plugged it in and started installation. Soon I found that the installer just *knows* it runs from a CD and searches for optical drive. And refuses to continue w/out one. I ducked it too and indeed, it’s a known problem, Ubuntu alternate CDs have it too. So I decided to temporarily resign from encryption and downloaded a regular Lubuntu CD, put it on the thumb drive with Universal USB Installer and started installation…to be stopped exactly the same way as before.
OK, Mint LXDE?
The installer didn’t boot.
On the way I tried to replace Universal USB Installer with the Ubuntu app. It didn’t work, the dialog box in which I was supposed to select a CD image didn’t show any images (or any files whatsoever). Manually typing file name didn’t help.
So w/out a better option I decided to use regular Ubuntu (netbook edition). As soon as the installer started booting, I was welcomed with a Mint name. What? It got me thinking…seems that Universal USB Installer is screwed and when there’s some OS on a drive, it doesn’t replace it correctly.
So I formatted the thumb drive and put regular Lubuntu on it. Installation went smooth, except that the partitioning tool is (probably) inconsistent on using decimal vs. binary megabytes. When selecting partition size it shows some number, but when you return to the list of partitions the number is a bit lower.
After installation, when the system was restarting, it hung soon before it was supposed to shut down. So I helped it a little.
Starting up – I was shown Ubuntu welcome screen. I guess that with incomplete drivers (remember, I was supposed to install them. Chipset-GPU ones) it shows some different welcome screen and Lubuntu folks forgot to replace it.
When the system booted, I opened the start menu to learn that it was empty. No programs, just “Run” command.

At this point I was too disheartened to try to fix it. I’ll probably reinstall it….but not yet.

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