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August 9, 2011


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There are massive riots in England happening now. There are numerous coverages, yet I can’t find any that would answer the question: Why is it happening?
All point out that it started with a guy killed by the police. But it’s not the reason. It’s a spark that started the flame, but apparently there was a lot of fuel just waiting for it, some huge tensions in the society. What tensions? The only thing I know about British police is that they love Orwell (example source if you want to know more). But is this the reason? Is it a part of the reason? Any suggestions where to look?

One thing is sure. The problem was neither Twitter nor Blackberry. It’s so stupid….I’m out of words.

found some info.

“This is the uprising of the working class, we’re redistributing the wealth,” said Bryn Phillips, a 28-year-old self-described anarchist, as young people emerged from the store with chocolate bars and ice cream cones.

Phillips claimed rioters were motivated by distrust of the police, and drew a link between the rage on London’s street and insurgent right-wing politics in the United States. “In America you have the tea party, in England you’ve got this,” he said.

As the unrest spread, some pointed to rising social tensions in Britain as the government slashes 80 billion pounds ($130 billion) from public spending by 2015 to reduce the huge deficit, swollen after the country spent billions bailing out its foundering banks.

The past year has seen mass protests against the tripling of student tuition fees and cuts to public sector pensions. In November, December and March, small groups broke away from large marches in London to loot. In the most notorious episode, rioters attacked a Rolls-Royce carrying Prince Charles and his wife Camilla to a charity concert.

However, the full impact of spending cuts has yet to be felt and the unemployment rate is stable — although it highest among youth, especially in areas like Tottenham, Hackney and Croydon.

Some locals insisted that joblessness was not to blame. “We are going to get people blaming the economy and what happened last week, but that’s not the real reason this happened,” said Brixton resident Marilyn Moseley, 49. “It’s just an excuse for the young ones to come and rob shops.”

Young ones don’t just go and rob shops because they can. And certainly not in masses, so I think Marilyn is wrong.

More views from Reuters. Sorry, I can’t figure out how to link to particular messages.

Hackney pensioner Lloyd said the violence had been inevitable as today’s children no longer had any respect for authority.

“It was just a matter of time. We’ve lost control of the kids.

“Three things have come together to help them act like this – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – because they can now communicate with like-minded kids.

The riots have been in the making for several years. Its the Bush-Blair wars that set the economic down turn on course. This was compunded by the UK plugging itself closer, as a bridge betwixt, to the US and Europe at the expense of the Commonwealth. The tipping point has been the Cameron-Cleg hubris that has given Britain a taste of Indian style insouciant and insensitive governance instead of building a disadvantaged sensitive development programe as the central thrust in a bedraggled economy.

Violence can not be justified. But it can be explained. There is a clear link between global economic crisis and riots in London. Interpreted to be a “small number of criminals,” blaming “family education” – a hasty conclusion. In the history of the world is much rebellion and unrest being created in this way we see – on the basis of seemingly secondary cause. Right?

The economic crisis awakens a sense of hopelessness and meaninglessness of life in the working class and the poor. The system ignores the fact that for decades have chronic depression in the population. This uneasy feeling dampen the activity of workers in trade unions. The rich are busy saving their money. The politicians are possessed with power. Young people – there’s nowhere to soothe their painful feelings. Psychological needs of young people has been ignored for dangerous long period of time. Chronic psychological frustration, which found its “trigger” – that is the image we see, let’s be honest.

Young people, using crash and burn – are guilty. But politicians need to acknowledge their responsibility.

Also, some data:
Percentage of population at risk of poverty in Europe
List of countries by public debt

More from Reuters:

The issue is a lack of education and civic pride. Too stupid to realise they are destroying their own communities.

A psychological view from BBC

Another update:
It seems that number of people asking and answering the quesion keeps increasing.
Recommended reading:

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