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November 25, 2011

When I don’t report bugs

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Bugs are everywhere. I’m working on a test of lossless image compressors and in 2 days I found 6 in 5 different programs.
I didn’t report all of them. In 2 cases I just didn’t care, I switched to alternative products and went on.
But there’s one that I tried to report, but didn’t succeed with the amount of effort that I was willing to put into it.
This was with ImageMagick. I found 2 critical bugs where the conversion tool would silently produce corrupted data. I went to their site to report them.
The first stop: I had to register.

What idiot thought that it was a good idea? It makes absolutely no sense. I came to them to help them and they put artificial barriers before me. What did they think, maybe that after registration I would stick around? No way, I don’t find the project interesting.

Annoyed, I proceeded with the registration. They asked me from email. WTH, why do you need my email? I see no use other than to spam me. I did what I always do in such cases, went to 10minutemail to create a 1 time email address.

Filled all the registration fields and they notified me that I got a letter and I should click on a link to be allowed to report the bug. Nonsense again, but expected. I went to the mailbox, refreshed the page, the email is not there. I waited 5 minutes, no mail. I clicked on ‘give me another 10 minutes’, so the email wouldn’t self-destruct too early. Returned to the mailbox 8 minutes later. The confirmation letter was not there. I gave up.

It’s not the first time I went through exactly the same process. Actually it is usually quite similar. And today it really got me. It makes no sense. If you want me to contribute to your project, be kind enough not to waste my time with useless formalities.
Look at wikipedia. If I want to contribute to it, it’s just 1 click away. That’s how it’s supposed to be done.

ADDED: The numbers are growing. 7 bugs in 6 programs in 2 days.
ADDED: 7 bugs in 5 programs. The last issue turned out to be a bug in ImageMagic’s comparison tool which claims that 2 identical images are different.

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