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November 23, 2012

My way to BSD, part 1

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I finally made it, I made BSD (PC-BSD to be exact) my desktop OS. It’s been a long road…and one that will keep being bumpy for as long as I can foresee. Still, I believe it goes in the right direction.
I’d like to sum up the years I spent preparing….
It all started in 2007, in January. At the time I have been a loyal Windows fan. I had spent huge amounts of time to learn Windows, not without successes. I kept investing in my Windows skills and wanted to spend my life using it and career – working with it, mostly coding for it.
Then came Vista…and I was in shock.
What was so bad about it? For me, the list was longer than for most.

  • It was bloated.
  • Most agree with this one.

  • It was slow.
  • Again, a common point.

  • It was freaking ugly.
  • I like simplicity. It was complex. I like good use of screen space – OS is supposed to stay out of my way. It was wasting pixels everywhere, huge icons, huge titlebars, huge borders around windows. I like readability. I was showing all text on a background that was highly uneven and frequently moving. It reminded of Apple’s glossy screens…engineers had spent a ton of effort to rid us from reflections on screens, Apple decided it would be cool to do it different and people have been buying it.

  • UAC killed usability.
  • Another common complaint.

  • It was significantly more closed.
  • I was OK with XP. I could do anything with it and though w/out access to the sources some things were hard, there was enough documentation to make them possible. With Vista, MS tried to keep independent developers (like me) off the kernel. You needed to have all your drivers signed, which was supposed to improve security. I didn’t believe it would make computers any more secure (and I was right) and viewed as a pure obstacle to keep people from messing too deeply with their systems (and I’m not sure if I was right). Soon there was a hole discovered that allowed one to use self-signed drivers, but I didn’t want to use it. Even if it stayed unpatched, I didn’t want to fight my PC, I wanted it to just do what I ask it to.

  • It added privileged processes that users couldn’t touch with debuggers.
  • A DRM enabler. It was a hot time for DRM, many still believed they could stop piracy with it and kept investing in it. I found it hugely disturbing. It was my PC and MS gave media companies some control over it that it didn’t give to me. I still find it weird that it’s so rarely talked about, while few need it (and I didn’t need it either), the principle is just terrible.

    What was my reaction?
    First, I didn’t believe. It couldn’t be that bad.
    It was. Then, deluded myself that with the next Windows things would improve.
    Then realised that people loved the look => if anything, it would get worse. People complained about slowness and bloat. It could improve. People didn’t talk at all about freedom. So it too didn’t have a chance to get better either.
    I was stumped. I didn’t see any way forward. My experiences with Linux have been simply terrible and I didn’t expect any Unix to make a better desktop, so this was not an option. I knew I had to do something. I had quite a few years, I could keep using XP until all hardware vendors would stop supporting it and then another couple before the last supported PC would die. (I guess I was not the only as MS does its best to make new software stop working on XP (new .NETs don’t work, Visual Studio 2012 binaries don’t work and for the latter I see no reason other than the will to kill XP))
    After Vista, I didn’t have a great period… I had limited time to do something, with a limit being loose but still. And no way forward, just darkness. It stayed like that for over 3 years…
    To be continued.

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