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March 16, 2013

Copyright infringing post

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Just read a torrentfreak article on a torrentz censorship and it really strikes me how far-fetched are claims of copyright abusers.

They send a DMCA notice to google. This means that they meant that google was infringing. According to them, Google was infringing because it linked to an infringing site Рtorrentz.eu.

torrentz was infringing…why? The notice doesn’t mention it. But torrentz is a search engine that links to sites containing torrent files. Probably some of this sites hosted a torrent file that they considered infringing.

That file enabled downloading of another file. That other file was copyrighted and may have been distributed w/out permission.

To sum up, the link flow went like this:

  1. google
  2. torrentz
  3. some torrentz search result
  4. some site
  5. torrent file
  6. pirate swarm

So they mean that if you’re 5 links away from a file they hold copyright on, you’re a pirate.

I just linked to torrentz.eu, exactly like google did. I’m a pirate.

Actually, Paramount is a pirate too. On their main page they link to youtube. You can find plenty of pirated files in there just another 1-2 clicks farther. That’s just 2-3 links in total.

I wonder what limit of the number of links do they consider satisfactory to not be a pirate. 5 is too little. Is there any limit? Anyway, senary liability is nonsense. Just like secondary liability, just far more extreme.

Somebody should punish those punks for abusing a broken system (DMCA). And fix the system.

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